Can you buy ALD 52 online?

ALD-52 is also known as 1- Acetyl – N that is a synthetic molecule of the Lysergamide chemical family. In simple words, ALD- 52 is the derivative of Lysergic acid. In pharmacology, ALD- 52 is considered a prodrug to LSD. However, its lone effects of ALD – 52 are ambiguous and no researches are found that authenticates either ALD- 52 has its effects or not.

Background of ALD-52

In 1968 and 1969, ALD- 52 or orange sunshine was flooded in America. Nicholas Sand was the main figure behind synthesizing the orange sunshine with his fellow chemist Tim Scully. They prepared the millions of doses of acid and spread it widely in America. Later on, Tim Scully was accused of spreading this illegal toxic substance and he was sentenced to jail. Nicholas sand was escaped and ran away. A film was also screened on “The Sunshine Makers.”

Nicholas Sand and Scully spread the acid among US Soldiers in Vietnam to stop the war as well as distributed among the jail prisoners as well. When authorities raided over their underground laboratory they found as much dose of acid that if would distribute among Canadian citizens twice, yet would be leftover.

Subjective experiences of ALD- 52

It is unknown how many doses of the ALD- 52 causes the subjective effects. The harmful physiological and psychological changes as after-effects of the ALD- 52 caused it classified as Schedule I drug. ALD-52 causes bodily sensations, euphoric movements, mood changes, distorted thought patterns, hallucinations, illusionary effects, anxiety, depression, distorted color perception, and many other effects.

Legality of the chemical

The availability of the ALD-52 in any state is based on the legality of the drug. For instance, In Austria, ALD-52 is not illegal but is categorized as an LSD analog. Similarly, the drug is not banned in Denmark but Lysergamide is prohibited under the drug and substances act. In the United Kingdom and the United States manufacturing, possession, and distribution of this research chemical are banned and controlled under the Drug authorities.

Can you buy ALD-50 online?

Either it is legal or illegal in any state; you can buy this research chemical online. Many illicit manufacturers sell it on the dark web also. Additionally, various websites offer the distribution of the ALD – 52 for laboratory purposes only. You can purchase it by using your digital wallet or digital currency like bitcoin.


Alfred Boyd