What is more important in life job or health?

In this busy on-going world, every person is running behind something or the other in order to secure his and his family’s future. To have certain things planned in life is definitely a good and important thing to do. To have full proof planning in life an average individual works day in and day out. In the process, health stands in the last position on the priority list. So, what is more important, job or health?
Well, the would-be health. There are a number of job opportunities available to choose from. But when it comes to health there are no other options available. A single body is the only option you get. Hence, it is very important to take care of health. If a person is healthy, he can apply or do a number of jobs. But when health is at stake the number of available jobs is of no use.
Managing both health and job
Proper sync should be maintained between health and job. Health should not be neglected or kept last on the priority list. A healthy and fit lifestyle should be maintained to keep both going in a flow. A healthy individual will also be good at his/ her job. Because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind which helps a person to excel in the various tasks that he does in a day including his job.
So, when it comes to choosing one from the job and health, health should always be a clear choice. But, by maintaining a proper lifestyle, diet, etc. both can be given priority at the same time, which will in turn help in achieving the bright future that everybody dreams of.

Alfred Boyd